How to Add Email Me App to Your iOS Share Sheet

Make it easier to send yourself notes with Email Me App.

Add Email Me App to Your iOS Share Sheet

Adding Email Me to Your Share Extension

The iOS share sheet or share extension is a powerful feature that allows you to share content directly from one app to another. Adding the Email Me App to your share sheet can significantly streamline the process of sending notes to yourself.

Step-by-Step Guide to Adding Email Me to Your iOS Share Sheet

Follow these simple steps to add the Email Me app to your share extension on iPhone or iPad, making it easy to send notes to yourself from any app:

Step 1: Open the Share Sheet in Any App

First, open any app that you want to share content from, like Safari, Photos, or Notes. Tap the share icon, typically located at the bottom or top of the screen.

Step 2: Locate Email Me in the Share Sheet

In the share sheet, scroll horizontally through the app icons until you find the Email Me app. If you don't see it immediately, tap 'More' to find it in the list.

Locate Email Me App in Your iOS Share Sheet

Step 3: Add Email Me to Favorites

To make Email Me easily accessible, add it to your Favorites. Tap 'Edit' at the top right of the share sheet, then press the green plus (+) next to Email Me under the Suggestions list. This moves it to the Favorites section.

Add Email Me App to Your iOS Share Sheet Favorites

Step 4: Rearrange if Necessary

Optionally, you can rearrange the order of apps in the Favorites. Hold and drag the three-line icon next to Email Me to move it up or down in the list.

Step 5: Use Email Me from the Share Sheet

Now, whenever you use the share sheet, Email Me will be easily accessible. Just tap the Email Me icon to quickly send content, like web links, photos, or notes, directly to your email.

Email Me App iOS Share Sheet

With Email Me in your iOS share sheet, you're all set to streamline your note-taking and reminders. Enjoy the convenience of quickly emailing yourself important information from anywhere on your iPhone or iPad!

Experience Seamless Note Sending with Email Me

Adding Email Me to your iOS share sheet is a simple yet effective way to enhance your productivity. It's perfect for those moments when you need to quickly capture ideas, reminders, or anything else you don't want to forget.

Keep on sending notes ✨

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