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How to Redeem iOS Promo Code

How to Redeem iOS Promo Code 📱

To redeem an iOS promo code, follow these steps:

Email Me Gmail SMTP Configuration

New Gmail SMTP Settings Configuration 🕵️‍♂️

Learn how to add to Email Me your Gmail account SMTP configuration.

Email Me Folders

New Website 🎉

Celebrating a beautiful new website for Email Me App.

Email Me Folders

Introducing Folders and SMTP Configurations

Email Me now comes with a new brand screen called Folders and configurations.

Send an email to myself

Updating the App for iOS 13 👨‍💻📱

Email Me is now taking advantage of all the new iOS 13 features and more.

Send an email to myself

Featured on the App Store 🎉 ❤️

I'm currently being feature on the App Store and I'm super excited about it.

Send an email to myself

Send an email to myself

Do you usually send yourself emails as reminders? Do you write yourself notes with your ideas all the time? Start saving time every day by using Email Me App.

Introducing Email Me

The story, read about how everything got started.