Introducing Email Me

The story, read about how everything got started.

Introducing Email Me

Introducing Myself First 👋

Hello, my name is Manuel Escrig and I'm an the person behind Email Me App. I'm an indie developer trying to build a sustainable business by building a best in class productivity App for busy people productivity geeks like me.

Productivity At Its Best

I'm a big fan of productivity. I always spend time trying to be more optimized and productive. I read the Getting Things Done book back in the day and I loved it. I'm still not sure if building a tool for productivity is either meta-productive or not productive at all but for a long time I wanted; an App that I could use to help me send myself notes, images, links, etc. After trying a few of the options on the App Store, they didn't meet my expectations, either because they didn't have the features I wanted or they were not being maintained anymore so I decided to build this one.

Email Me App focuses on a single task which is sending something important to yourself by providing the best user experience. It has to be fast and reliable. The reason to send something important to yourself could be because you want to check it out later, save it in your email inbox, or simply send it to somebody else after that.

Why Should I Use It? 📱

There are many different uses the App can have. The most basic one, which is the one I use every day, is just opening the App, typing a note and then tapping on send. I usually send myself various reminders throughout the day. My other favorite feature is the Share Extension. I use this when I'm on Twitter. I usually open twitter when I have a moment and I see that somebody whom I follow shares something interesting but I don't have the time to read it in that moment; then it's in two taps I send myself that article and I read it later on when I have more time.

Shouldn't It Be Free?

Email Me requires a subscription to work for two main reasons. The first one, is that it has recurring server costs and the second one and most important is because Free Apps die. Either because the developer stops working on it or because a big company buys them out and then shuts them off. Before building Email Me I was a user of Notabene. It was a great product as it had the same concept and it worked really well. It was free and now it is closed down. The parent company Finn pivoted and they decided to shut it down without giving a reason to its users.

What's Next

My plan with Email Me is to keep improving it, implementing new features by listening to the users and keep providing a best in class support.
Email Me App will not be shutting down. With your support, Email Me App is here for the long run.

Thank you for reading ❤️
- Manuel Escrig

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