How to Send Quick Reminders to Yourself

Start saving time every day by using Email Me App.

Send an email to myself

Introducing Email Me to send an email to myself

There are many note Apps in the market, starting with the well-known ones such as Evernote or Microsoft OneNote to the newer ones like Bear or Simplenote. As many users, I like using the more simple ones and that's why the default Notes App from iPhone has many users.

Because of this, we ended up having notes spread through multiple Apps. In addition for all these Apps, it takes multiple steps to write a simple note making it not easy and fast.

Using Email Me is the quickest and fastest way to write myself an email with a note. When opening the App it's already prepared and ready to write your note, then after writing the note with one tap is sent and sent to your inbox.

With Email Me you can also send yourself a screenshot or a photo that you have just taken in one tap making use of the share extension or the App itself.

Finally, you can also use the Apple Watch to send yourself notes, it can be an audio note or a text note. Making it very easy and convenient to record your notes, ideas, comments, and thoughts at every moment.

Start saving time every day by sending quick emails to myself

If you are the type of user who uses your own email to send yourself notes, thoughts, or ideas, using Email Me App is the quickest and easiest way to go.

Have fun taking notes on the go.
- Manuel Escrig

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